Town Tales: Madrid with Walkers Appeal

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Walkers Appeal was established in 2016 by three professionals of the fashion world: Javier, Gema and Noemi. This niche brand for men’s apparel is entirely composed and manufactured in Spain with 100% organic material, adaptable combinations, and the love for perfect execution. Welcome to Walkers Appeal´s official city guide to the cosmopolitan capital of Spain they call home – Madrid.


The Fix Madrid

This is how a good day starts!

Walkers appeal is all about attitude, but guess what, so is The Fix Madrid. For them it is all about being authentic and real. And they are as real as it gets.

“I’m afraid we don’t do your pumpkin spice caramel artificially sweetened macchiato sh**t!”

This easeful place was founded in 2018 by a young couple who are passionate about good coffee and are not afraid to explore the different flavours of coffee along with its varieties and processes. They have certainly done their homework when it comes to high-quality ingredients and creative dishes that both taste and look exceptional. Their dreamy menu selection is assembled with lots of personal touch and includes breakfast, brunch and as fitting to a specialty coffee shop – freshly baked goods. You can find them in the vibrant neighbourhood near Templo de Debod or the Mythical Plaza de España. You are sure to become a regular visitor!

All images via The Fix Madrid


Next on Walkers list is CentroCentro, an intercultural meeting space offering a large variety of showings, concerts, meetings, workshops and seminars. Walkers Appeal´s recommendation is to attend an intriguing exhibition called “LA CIUDAD DEL FUTURO: DE LA HUERTA A LA MESA'' (The city of the future: from farm to fork - from farm to form). The exhibition tackles the question: How can we change our way of life without changing our traditions and history? More specifically, how are we going to produce food, yet avoid climate change and have a balanced relationship between the land and the city? La ciudad del futuro addresses all these questions by creating a multi-scale atlas of typologies and case studies, allowing the audiences to learn from the past and project themselves into the future.

Centrocentro is located in the Madrid city hall, which is architecturally quite an impressive landmark by itself and was originally used as the main Post Office. Even without the exhibitions it is well worth checking out even if it's just for the stunning views of Madrid you´ll get from the observation deck.

All Images via CentroCentro


Casa Jaguar

This restaurant sounds so interesting! I mean, doesn´t the name Casa Jaguar already get you hyped up? Casa Jaguar is a Latin fusion restaurant, here to take you on a journey through an endless amount of flavour combinations offered by the best dishes of South American recipes. You can taste the tradition and love behind each dish, yet recognize some modern touches that will without a doubt satisfy your fusion cravings. You can tell immediately that this is a special place as it just oozes character and charm, and is highly praised in this foodie town. If you arrive during lunch time, as per Walkers day guidance, you´ll be greeted with a selection of lunch specials along with plenty of vegan-friendly options. This Jaguar can be spotted in central Madrid, in the Palacio neighbourhood between Opera and Callao.

All Images via Casa Jaguar


Parque del Retiro

First of all you might find it unexpected to find this much greenery in the middle of Madrid´s big city hustle and bustle. The big open spaces, beautiful colours of the season and magnificent monuments sure are pleasing on the eye. If you are after a relaxing start to the evening then you're going to be happy just taking a moment to soak up the soothing atmosphere and being one with nature whilst surrounded by the sounds of fountains. There is something special about simple people watching or seeing the ducks and fish swimming harmoniously alongside in the pond that just makes you forget all your worries.

All Images via Parque del Retiro

Drive-in Madrid Race Centro

Are you in for la noche americana style?

Given that nothing on Walkers list is picked randomly, they are now leading us to a cinematic night. Since their source of inspiration mainly came from cinema, their first collections are a reflection of its codes. The man of the 20th century and his cinematographic representation was their starting point.

Many Europeans have grown up watching American movies, with all their 50´s diner culture, drive-in movie theaters and eating corn dogs in the back of a pick-up truck, leaving us somewhat curious about what it would be like. Autocines original and fun concept offers an opportunity to see what the whole fuss is about. They are the largest drive-in theatre in Europe and feature classic films in a 100% old-fashioned American environment. Even though screenings don´t start before 22pm, the venue opens well in advance so you can come early, find a good spot for your car and have time to truly take in the scenery. They have a small collection of cool vintage cars, all-american food trucks, children's area, ferris wheel and the entire area is pet-friendly so you can bring your furry friends along! This thoughtfully set up place is worth coming for the experience itself, as you already feel like you're in a movie. During warmer days there is the possibility to enjoy the movie in their hammock area and the Autocines team sure knows how to turn a beautiful experience into something magical. Y´all wouldn´t want to miss this!

All Images via Autocines