Behind the Scenes with MontOlympe

Historical tradition meets scientific innovation

Until 2002, Angela Toliopoulo and Panagiotis Savvidis had little, if nothing, to do with cosmetics. Both coming from a medical background having studied medicine and biology in Greece, they spent years working abroad and travelling between the United States and the UK before eventually deciding to head back home, to their native land, located at the roots of Mount Olympus, just a few kilometers away from the mythic paradise. Apart from being home to the ancient Greek gods and a milestone of local folklore, nowadays Mount Olympus is well known and celebrated for its astounding biodiversity, natural richness and thriving flora. Spread all over its peaks and valleys are in fact about 1,700 species of plants, herbs and flowers that make up for an incredibly diverse and lavish vegetation, nurtured by the fertile soil and the nearby sea that blows sea crystals onto the mountain, creating a unique ecosystem and microclimate.

“A gift from Mother Nature that is gently processed into the treasure of your daily beauty routine!”


Inspired by such abundance and in collaboration with the University of Thessaloniki, Angela and Panagiotis began researching their natural surroundings and were pleased to discover a surprisingly high concentration of nutrients and potential benefits in the hundreds of blossoms, fruits and herbs they analysed. Intuitively, the second step of their research consisted in extracting the nutritious essence of these herbs in the least invasive and most natural way possible, without compromising their effectiveness and healing properties, to ultimately combine them into unique beauty complexes. Finally, a line of natural cosmetics – MontOlympe – was born.

All of MontOlympe’s products are made from handpicked, carefully harvested and 100% natural ingredients; they do not include toxic substances nor chemical additives or artificial perfumes; are vegan, environmentally friendly and fairly produced. These characteristics are annually reviewed and ensured by European associations ICADA and Natural Cosmos, whose standards must be met in order to guarantee customers certified organic and natural cosmetics obtained through the highest feasible sustainability practices. The purity of each product contributes to preventing dermatological issues and strengthening the skin barrier keeping its natural balance and giving it a healthy and wholesome appearance whilst enhancing the properties of everybody’s complexion and personal traits – regardless of age, sex or genetics. In fact, though their main target are younger women between the age of 30 and 36 years old, their public is vast and varied and largely includes men as well, as proof of the brand’s accessibility and inclusivity.


The business behind MontOlympe is a family owned one, humbly connected to the local community and the historical heritage of the place its members come from, more focused on quality rather than commercial growth and reach. Presently, their Greek portfolio comprises 67 products, while the German one features 37 of these, however this will be broadened soon. MontOlympe’s team has many projects for the future, though a massive expansion is not their main priority: what’s more important is their unremitting devotion to Mount Olympus, and to the nature and people that make this region such a magical one.

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