Guide to the perfect drink for New Years Eve

“With CIV SPÍRIT Vodka we want to open up a whole new world of taste explosions and extraordinary moments of pleasure.”

Who said that vodka and champagne don’t go together? CIV Spírit Vodka is here to prove the opposite! In 2020, the Berlin-based manufacturer undertook the daring challenge to combine these two opposite classics into one premium spirit that, in the end, has turned out to be an explosive and delightful combination.

The inspiration for such an innovative drink came from the rich heritage of wine- and champagne-making as well as a fascination for the long-lived tradition of vodka production, so that it was instinctive for the Berlin distillery to combine two of the finest beverages of our drinking culture to obtain a unique, balanced and original blend.

In the manufacture of CIV Spírit Vodka, only natural raw materials supplied by agricultural craft businesses from the area around Berlin are used, then infused with first-rate French champagne obtained from hand picked grapes. No artificial flavours nor dyes are added to the mix, so that the result is the perfect marriage of the two cultures: a crystal clear vodka layered by the softer and elegant flavours of champagne, wrapped in fruity, creamy aromas of fresh grapes and vanilla with an alcohol content of 40%.

CIV Spírit Vodka is fully handcrafted in one of the most modern distilleries in Germany in respect of the traditional art of distillation. Each step of the production process is handmade, from the harvesting of the finest ingredients, through the maceration and distillation, to the bottling and final packaging. The distillation involves five stages and takes place in a copper kettle with particular attention to the balance of flavours in order to deliver a gentle, smooth taste and the best quality to this limited edition vodka, which will make your drinks exceptional and these festivities even more delicious!

Below you can find some tips on how to enjoy it to the fullest:



50ml CIV SPÍRIT Vodka
20ml St. Germain Liquor
Top up with Soda

50ml CIV SPÍRIT Vodka
10ml Chambord
Top up with Soda Water

50ml CIV SPÍRIT Vodka
20ml Citrus