About Us


shaping the future of retail.

Freiraum is a shopping Neverland, in-between online and offline. We are a community of an ever-growing selection of handpicked, vibrant and independent labels. We love their stories and take great pride in sharing these with you first hand! Discover and shop our unique curation of brands, most of which you can only find here – or in our immersive local concept stores!


Online you can touch.

Combining the digital with the physical: Freiraum brings cutting-edge designers, purpose-driven alternatives and stylish newbies from the spheres of social media and online-shopping to the local store – allowing digital brands, their products and craftsmanship to be experienced in real life (IRL). Labels you can touch, feel, taste and try-on. Learn more about the future of retail in our blog Insides.


We believe in the stories behind.

The unique stories and creative people behind them make the Freiraum labels what they are: Each and every brand combines style and ethics with individuality, commitment to quality and the quest for innovation. By not only sharing the same values but spreading their brands’ stories, Freiraum functions as a forerunner of a community-driven future in retail.


The magic of discovery.

Be surprised by purpose-driven and innovative high-quality brands and products that you will want to tell your friends about.
All of our brands are hand-selected by our team of fashion-and lifestyle-professionals to ensure compliance with our core values.


Community matters.

Freiraum exceeds the limitations of a regular store. It is an immersive space that is built upon the idea of community. We are connecting purpose-driven brands and founders with creative voices and loyal customers. Freiraum creates room in which creativity can bloom through events, workshops, parties and storytelling. Our blog Insides does not only give deeper insights into the selected brands but shines a light on our creative and forward-thinking community meeting in our spaces. Creativity loves company!


From URL to IRL.

Come by, touch, feel, taste and try-on our products. Experience their quality, uniqueness, beauty and functionality first hand.
Get entertained, listen to the brands’ stories at exclusive events and meet a like-minded community in your neighbourhood stores!