Shop by Mission

We trust in a hand-selected curation of purpose-driven businesses – brands that have a positive impact on the world, brands that are reshaping retail as we know it, brands that you will want to support in their missions! Discover our Sustainability Icons. Shop in line with your lifestyle, buy presents from BIPOC-founded labels, support circular concepts or invest in small, local and conscious labels. No matter what purpose you are after, we help you find it!

CO2 neutral.

We know you are cycling your bike to work, you are mostly eating vegetarian and you are taking your jute bag everywhere, however, every production always produces emissions, so does your fashion consume. But this brand takes care of balancing them out by planting trees or offsetting them through CO2 certificates.

Eco-friendly / Organic.

Even if you are living in a big city and are only visiting the countryside once or twice a year, we bet, you are a nature-lover. This purchase will not harm the environment: The fabrics used are sourced from ecological farming which means no pesticides, no pollution, less CO2, less waste, better water and organic end-results.


It’s give-back-time and it’s not even Christmas, yet! A part of your purchase will make its way to charity. You might end up helping clean the oceans, support indeginious communities or keep artisanal traditions alive.

Recycled / Upcycled.

This product is as circular as your hormonal balance or circuit training in your Crossfit box: While your recycled piece is made of reusable fabrics, usually won from PET- or fabric-waste, your upcycled item is made of pre-existing materials or clothes. 


This piece is hand-crafted and has not been made by your toddler but a real artisan. He or she has been paid fairly and can offer a great expertise in their field, leading to higher quality, more attention to detail and longevity.

Fair Trade.

This is the next fair deal you will close after having exchanged one lazy moment of sofa-time with a week full of doing the dishes. With this purchase you are making sure that the workers behind the product have received fair wages, safe working conditions and health insurance.

Made in Europe.

While Europe is the birthplace of weird things like Labskaus and bagpipes, the ‘made in Europe’ label mostly is a guarantee for high quality. Your purchase was produced in Europe, this means more restrictions, fair wages, safe working conditions and a short supply chain.


This product shares your love for cat videos and cute companions: It has not been tested on animals and might even be completely vegan!

Zero Waste.

We’re still waiting for a ‘no waste’ label within our dating lives, even though this icon is a great start when it comes to sustainability: This brand is all about our environment and tries to produce as little waste as possible by using recycled materials, no plastic or using every last bit of fabric.

Made to Order.

In a world of premium shipping services, we are used to a fast pace, a next day delivery service and the post-employee seeing us in our pyjamas. With the made-to-order approach, you will have to wait for the production to create your product first, but you will also help to avoid overproduction and unnecessary waste.