Our Curation Process


It is not just any brand

Our portfolio consists only of purpose-driven brands that excel at least in one of our five core principles: Quality, Sustainability, Uniqueness, Innovation or the Direct-to-Consumer approach.  Acting as the ultimate curator, our team of professional creatives ensures our brands and products are carefully selected to satisfy the highest standards.


One of the main criteria in choosing a brand for the Freiraum portfolio is high quality. We want you to love your purchases for years to come, this is why we provide a beautiful selection of premium pieces with a timeless design that are crafted, manufactured or hand-made with caring attention to detail. 


We want you to be surprised and excited about our curation of brands and products. Discover items you cannot find anywhere else – extraordinary, original and fun!


Freiraum bets on purpose-driven brands with a story to tell. Shop by mission, whether it is fair trade, environmental friendliness or a EU-based production. Find brands that donate to charity, that are CO2-neutral and vegan.


For us, product innovation is one of the most exciting aspects of running an online marketplace. We are, thus, keeping our eyes open for new, modern and progressive products that double as creative solutions for everyday problems.


The D2C-approach is redefining retail as we know it. Our brands are bypassing traditional retailers and are, therefore, able to sell high-quality products without big mark-ups. Get premium items for a smaller price and know exactly where your money ends up: Supporting real people, ethical production and local communities.

Become a Freiraum Brand.

If you think your Brand fits the above requirements we would love to hear from you!


Suggest a Brand.

We are curious by nature and would love to hear your brand suggestions!
Tip: make sure that the suggested brand respects high standards in terms of our 5 curation pillars.