Behind the Scenes with Niyok

Natural and sustainable care for your mouth, armpits, and body

Growing up being forced to brush our teeth every morning and every evening with strawberry-bubble-gum flavour and later on with spicy peppermint one, it never crossed our minds that toothpaste could taste differently. Additionally, most of us probably never questioned the everyday-ritual in terms of intention – it is supposed to clean our teeth and refresh our mouth. By brand-ambassadors and TV-dentists, we were told about "the best" toothbrushes and -pastes, but no-one ever talked about sustainability. This changes with Niyok. The Berlin-based brand does not only re-think taste (lemongrass & ginger or blood orange & basil) but especially ingredients, packaging, and communication. Their brand promise is: Being vegan, cruelty-free, palmoil-less, climate-neutral, and cosmos-certified. Niyok's production takes place in Germany, which allows short delivery roots and fair production methods. If possible, every ingredient derives from within the EU. For maximal transparency, Niyok's products are equipped with a list of ingredients, their translation into everyday-language, and their function.

The founders, Carlo and John, asked themselves why coconut oil with all its great properties for our oral flora is not used within common toothpastes. By starting to mix and experiment with different and natural ingredients in their kitchens, the two came up with their very own sustainable toothpaste recipe without synthetic ingredients. And because the natural, home-made mixture turned into the favourite brand of many vegans, environment-lovers, and dissidents of a commercial industry, Niyok grew its product range. You can now find creme-deodorant without aluminium, tooth-, or "choose"-brushes, solid shampoo, conditioner, and face wash, as well as massage gloves at Niyok. Everything you need to bring your every-day routine closer to nature!