Behind the Scenes with Fauna

Technology re-imagined

Approximately 85 percent of the entire population wears sunglasses and for a vast majority, a pair of vision correction glasses are an essential tool to get through daily life. This begs the question, isn't it about time to continue using them in a new and improved version? Lucky for us, Fauna has been asking themselves the same question. Well, they did a bit more than just ponder the question.

FaunaĀ“s revolutionary glasses are here to put an end to a generation that's hooked to their phones. Each year more and more people are injured as a result of being oblivious to the dangers around them. What they're doing is not paying attention due to the fact that their eyes are glued to their smartphone. Fauna calls upon us to unplug, stay open and most importantly ā€“to look up!

Hear the world around you

High-end technology has never looked so good. These innovative Austrian design glasses allow you to enjoy music, work, or chat all while looking stylish and staying focused. With Fauna smart eyewear you can add some background music to your everyday life while still being aware of your surroundings. This means, the sound waves from the glasses go directly to the ear so you can listen to your favourite music, audiobooks and podcasts without blocking your ears. Whether youĀ“re walking, jogging or cycling, it's a much safer option than headphones, which often tune out road traffic. Not to mention, you can keep both hands on the steering wheel or bicycle handlebar.

This new generation of eyewear taps into Bluetooth, so you can use these hands-free for phone calls, making it the perfect tool for professionals working from home office. The touch controls on the frames manage audio features such as answering and hanging up phone calls, starting and stopping music, and lowering or raising volume. When there is an incoming call, just double tap your glasses left temple and have the conversation without disturbing anyone around you. Fauna Audio Glasses are the only audio glasses with MEMS speaker technology on the market, which awarded them GOLD in the German Innovation Awards 2021!

The glasses work with the Fauna mobile iOS and Android app. Honestly, itĀ“s like having an assistant you didn't know you needed. Functions on the app remind you of small everyday things we often tend to forget, for example: Remember to drink, Check your posture, as well as relaxing and uplifting tunes to stay motivated while working or running your daily errands.

Not your ordinary glasses

Fauna hasnĀ“t compromised in the clarity of vision either. The Zeiss lenses used in their audio frames are light-weight, durable, BPA free and offer more than 99% protection from UVA/UVB rays. In addition to sunglasses, Fauna also offers special blue light filtering lenses to protect your eyes from fatigue. Fauna's models Memor and Levia give your eyes a break, as they come with Zeiss DuraVisionĀ® BlueProtect, making them perfect for working in front of the screen. You can even have an optician retrofit the smart glasses with your prescription lenses. Whichever lens you choose, they are here to make your life more efficient.

Fauna has four frame designs: Memor, Levia, Spiro and Fabula, that meet the expectations of even the most demanding fashionistas. All of the four aforementioned models come with a beautiful charging case, meaning you can charge your glasses on-the-go. The battery lifetime is extended as much as possible and has an industry-leading battery life of up to 20 hours in stand-by mode and up to 4 hours of continuous audio streaming. Fauna is continuously working to extend it even further. Welcome to the future!

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