Meet Kulson

The story behind the brand

Thoughts Behind the Brand

"Win-win-win situations do exist."

Benjamin Hoffmann, Founder of Kulson

Ethical Sneakers

Finding the ideal minimalist sneaker can feel like sorcery. There is always something off, whether the soles are not chunky or elegant enough, whether the colour is one hue too dark or too light, whether the production is just not combinable with your ethics… This is what Benjamin Hoffmann of Kulson felt before taking the task upon himself. He demanded from himself no less than the perfect minimal sneaker that would fit all genders, every occasion, and aware consciences. It started with an all-white version that now is available with flashy soles in mint, flamingo, lemon light, and more minimalist models like the monochrome sneakers in black, teak, and mud.

But the Berlin-based brand does not only care for good looks, it is interested in the inner values. Kulson shoes are hand-made, the leather used is exclusively obtained from Portugal and Italy while the footbed is made from recycled materials. The production of the sneakers is happening in Portugal as well, this guarantees short delivery routes and fair working conditions as well as payment for the craftsmen and -women. But this is not enough, the brand donates four percent of its sales to non-profit organizations that are taking care of the cleansing of the global oceans.

Product Spotlight: Flamingo Sneaker

Our favourite pair of Kulson sneakers is the flamingo one. It is made from white leather and features a pink sole. We do not only love it because of its signature look and statement piece characteristics, but we also love Benjamin Hoffmann’s approach to it: For him, the colour does not automatically turn the shoes from a unisex model to a women’s shoe. He loves to wear the shoes himself and wants to see other men wearing the style as well. It is a sign of men’s certainty of their masculinity being able to wear something which is socially associated with the realms of womenswear. And since we completely agree with this thought, we would love to see more men but also women owning the colour pink!