Sold By: Kulson

Kulson Mint, Sneaker


Timeless and elegant lines, durability and comfort are important to us. That is why our sneakers are handcrafted in Portugal with the greatest care. The outsole and the removable footbed, which adapts to the foot in a healthy way every time, are made from recycled materials. We stand for considerate and future-oriented action in all steps of our value chain. All the materials we use come exclusively from Europe and are processed under fair working conditions along short transport routes. We donate 4% of every sneaker for cleaning the oceans of plastic and lost fishing nets, which otherwise become a daily death trap for thousands of sea creatures. The clear decision in favor of European craftsmanship with the combination of a large number of recycled components makes each of these sneakers a high-quality unique piece.

Please keep away from water to best preserve longevity and appearance. In the case of dirt or stains, please rub gently with a damp cloth or for suede leather, use a suede brush to loosen any dirt.

Carefully sewn, not glued. Handmade. For clean oceans. Italian cowhide leather. Recycled rubber sole. Recycled memory footbed.

Our sneakers are a bit smaller. So if you fluctuate between two sizes, please choose the larger of the two. Weight: 0.4 kg Size: 37 - 23.9 cm 38 - 24.5 cm 39 - 25.2 cm 40 - 25.8 cm 41 - 26.4 cm 42 - 27.0 cm 43 - 27.6 cm 44 - 28.2 cm 45 - 28.8 cm 46 - 29.5 cm 47 - 30.4 cm 48 - 31.0 cm

About Kulson

Finding the ideal minimalist sneaker can feel like sorcery. There is always something off, whether the soles are not chunky or elegant enough, whether the colour is one hue too dark or too light, whether the production is just not combinable with your ethics… This is what Benjamin Hoffmann of Kulson felt before taking the task upon himself.