Behind the Scenes with
Artknit Studios

Buy less, buy better!

Freiraum is regularly presenting you new brands, that aim to change the world of fashion in a more sustainable way. To help you find the brands you want to support, we created Sustainability Icons.
Every production produces CO2 emissions, which lead to destruction of the environment and global warming. The CO2-neutral Icon shows you which brands take special care to reduce their emissions.

You have to meet Artknit Studios, if you have decided to shift your shopping habits to a more environmental friendly and sustainable way. The Italian brand creates beautiful high-quality pieces that do not depend on any seasonal trend. They source only natural materials and work with Italian manufacturers to reduce distances and CO2 emissions. Artknit promises to only take decisions improving the world of fashion and the world we live in. Their design and production chains are determined by the appreciation for our planet.
Founder Alessandro Lovisetto states: "We want to move things in the right direction by providing to our community direct access to superior quality products at the lowest environmental impact." Therefore, Artknit has integrated the direct-to-consumer model into their business strategy. It contains the bypassing of all middlemen and intermediaries, which not only saves a lot of costs, but primarily reduces Co2-emissions drastically.

Artknit sources Italian's best materials, and uses 100 per cent natural fibers, like biodegradable merino wool, superior or upcycled cashmere, mulberry silk, or organic cotton. The products are of special softness. They are coming with the least environmental impact as well as being eco-sustainable – feeling extra comfortable.
Based on their values, the fashion brand chose Italy's best artisans from the wool-capital Biella. The skilled craftsmen and -women create your product with outstanding skills of craftsmanship, ensuring to abide strict sustainable standards. Furthermore, to guarantee a zero-waste policy, ArtKnit only produces in small quantities.

Artknit's designs are dedicated to beauty in simplicity. The knitted styles of the Italian brand are elegant and timeless and, thus, were ‘en vogue’ for the last decades and will be for the ones to come.

We can never let go of our Artknit cardigan or jumper, they are just too soft and too stylish, fitting into our everyday wardrobe and giving it an elegant look. The selection of tops consist of neutral, aesthetic tones like beige, white, black, brown, grey and dark blue hues, which you can easily combine, for example with your favourite pair of jeans or a cute leather skirt. The jumpers, cardigans, shirts, and jackets fit every style, occasion and age. Artknit's items will become your new treasures for your everyday life.