Sold By: NIKIN

NIKIN TreeShorts Swim Bicolor Navy-Bordeaux


Fancy a cool down? Then get into the water - with the comfortable TreeShorts Swim Bicolour made from recycled marine plastic that is collected in the water and on the beaches! The material used is certified by The SEAQUAL® Initiative and is processed in Europe. The design looks familiar? Sure, because it's the same one we had last year, but in new colours and with a power supply inside. Just like you asked for!
- Ribbon at hip level can be laced from the inside and outside
- Power supply unit inside

* Please note: As we do not use dry cleaning for returns, we rely on the honesty of our customers and ask to try on the items with underwear only.

- 30% recycled polyester

Care Instructions:
- Machine wash at 30°C
- Gentle wash cycle

Country of Manufacture: Fairly made in Bulgaria