Sold By: Freiraum

Lavani Jewels Big Bang Silver Necklace


Product Details:
- Color: White.
- Stones: Moonstone.
- Finishing: 925 Silver.
- Hook-and-loop closure.
- Size: 1.5 cm.

Collection: Lavani SUPERNOVA collection. The Lavani collection is reinvented: the universe inspires this new collection, which is full of elements like stars, moons and even galaxies. An explosion of new shapes, but once again using our hallmark: natural quartz druids, combined this time with other natural stones.

Stones: The moonstone belongs to the group of silicates and is found in plutonic rocks. It is strongly linked with the Moon and intuition. In the interior of the stone there are fine layers of orthoclase and albite arranged one over the other, this provides its beautiful shine. The light falls on the thin layers that disperse it in a phenomenon known as adulearescencia.

Materials and Qualities: We design and make jewelry of the highest quality. All our pieces are handmade, with first quality materials, Plating of 2 to 3 microns of gold of long duration and natural stones.

We work every day to offer versatile, original and elegant design pieces, but above all, we want to offer jewellery with the best possible quality and durability.

Product Features:
- Patented Design
- Made in Spain
- Hypoallergenic
- Sustainable Production

This Necklace is made up of five eight-pointed stars joined together by a fine golden chain. Through this piece we want to recreate a constellation where the central star stands out because of the stone embedded in the shape of a rotated square. It is a timeless jewel that you can combine with our Earrings matching pieces from the same collection.