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CuCase for iPhone Xr


Antimicrobial: Our special copper alloy kills viruses and bacteria in a very short time. 

What is the difference between Antimicrobial and Antibacterial?
- Antimicrobial: eliminates viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi
- Antibacterial: only works against bacteria

Copper surfaces inactivate a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in a process known as contact killing.
- The process is initiated on the one hand by copper ions that are released from the metallic body, whereby there is a big difference between the wet and the dry method.
- With the dry method, the concentration of dissolved copper increases within a few seconds to up to 109 copper atoms / cell, which inactivates the pathogen within a few minutes.

Halo Effect: The material affects the environment through hand abrasion. This property is known as the halo effect, which reduces the microbial load in the vicinity of copper surfaces.
This means that copper particles are also transferred to the screen and the edge.
This leads to a reduction in pathogens on the screen and on the edge.

Shock Resistant: Through several tests we were able to modify the CuCase in such a way that it can also protect against falls from great heights. A raised border prevents impact with the display.

Cucase Alloy: The ionization process kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and germs on the CuCase. The CuCase takes on a dark tone. Thus, the antimicrobial effect becomes visible and thus cleans your entire iPhone phone case.
The antimicrobial effect is retained!

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About CuCase

The special copper alloy kills viruses and bacteria in the shortest possible time. Copper surfaces inactivate a variety of bacteria, viruses and fungi in a process called contact killing. The process is initiated firstly by copper ions being dissolved from the metallic body, although there is a big difference between the wet and dry methods here.