Meet Tauta Home

The story behind the brand

Thoughts Behind the Brand

"A house should live, be in motion through objects that express a passion."

Maria Lorez, Founder of Tauta Home

Sustainability Mission

Ethnic Chic

A house should live, be in motion with objects that express passion. Let yourself be inspired by the lively ethnic chic from all over the world. Each of the handmade products has a story and a tradition of craftsmanship. The love of detail and the production under fair conditions is very important. Con mucho amor tauta home.

Maria Lorez was born in the highlands of Colombia. She spent her first years in Pereira and later moved to Switzerland. Due to the different cultural influences of her two home countries and her desire to travel, her fascination for traditional handcrafts developed. She combines the tried-and-tested with contemporary design and, thus, revives it. With her flair for future trends, she is always a bit ahead of the times.

Product Spotlight: Troncoso Clutch

roncoso is our galactic creation with the Kamsá Artesanos. Carry the sun in your hand and feel the positive energy and attitude of a grounded woman. The Clutch is woven on the weaving frame and lined with velvet.