Behind the Scenes with Flemmard

Democratizing art with fashion

The art scene is snobby, all curators wear black turtlenecks with a red scarf and all artists live with the nose up in the air? These stereotypes about the universe of the beaux-arts might not necessarily hold true, but one main prejudice sticks and echoes from the creatively designed walls: The art world is difficult to access for rookies. This is why a lot of voices have been grown louder within the last years to open and democratize the market. For Kilian von Berlichingen, this problem is double-edged with one part of it being an elitist attitude of the artistic meritocracy and the other being a declining interest by the younger generations. As a young art enthusiast and collector himself, Kilian always strived to foster a cultural interest in his circle of friends. But instead of relying on long lectures, he introduces the topic in a more relatable way, with fashion and founded Flemmard, a streetwear brand that brings art closer to every fashion lover’s heart with casual, wearable designs. Flemmard creates white T-shirts produced in Spain with each featuring another artists’ work. The collection already encompasses works from the likes of Robert Delaunay, Umberto Boccioni, Vincent Van Gogh or Wassily Kandinsky and continually grows. The Hamburg-based brand releases one shirt every month to apply to the customer’s collector’s instinct, like in the real art world. Additionally, every piece comes with a certificate of provenance educating the buyer about the artist’s biography and analysing his work. Never-ever not know what’s on your shirt!

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