MONACO DUCKS Sneaker MOD.2 Eco - Grey


Leather at its finest: Our MOD. 2 eco made of Italian certified ECO calfskin convinces from the outside with its stylish look and from the inside with its sustainable materials. An absolute eye-catcher and our first sneaker with a biodegradable sole.

- Upper material: highest quality calf leather produced and processed entirely in Italy (UNI EN 16484 standard) - LWG-certified (the seal for sustainable and responsible leather production).
- The leather is produced in factories that comply with both the ISO 14001 standard and the EMAS registration (for environmental management and with environmental audit) Vegetable tanned (EN15987 standard) using tanning agents from FSC® certified woods.
- Footbed made in Italy: leather/E-COCCO® (coco latex), EcoDry® (recycled foam)
- Biodegradable sole made in Italy from recycled rubber (Go!Zero)
- Handmade in Fermo, Italy

More sustainable than sustainable? Our new low-top sneaker certainly is: the fine Italian leather (LWG-certified) as a by-product of livestock farming is vegetable-tanned and dyed in the same way, making it the best choice for leather shoes even for the ecologically demanding. The sole and footbed can easily keep up. That's what we call design without compromise and with a clear conscience.

Material: Our fine calfskin comes from Italy and is a by-product of the livestock industry. So our environmental protection already starts with the purchase of the leather.

The LWG certification shows that the tannery meets the highest standards of environmentally friendly production. The tanning agents are obtained from FSC® certified woods, thus tanning is purely vegetable without chrome and with a saving of 53.7% water. The factories where the leather production takes place comply with the ISO14001 standard and are EMAS registered (for environmental management and with environmental audit).

Shoe Care: If you want to keep your ducks for a long time, you should take care of them. With all its positive properties, leather is a sensitive material that remains supple, dirt and water repellent and retains its original colour only with regular care.

Impregnate your DUCKS definitely before the first application with an impregnating spray. It is better to apply a thin layer more regularly than once a thick one.

For a cleaning, use a clean, damp cloth and gently wipe the ducks. Then let the shoe air dry.

Fill damp ducks with absorbent material (newspapers) and let them dry slowly – not directly on or near the heater.

Breathable: Leather is breathable due to its natural composition. It can absorb moisture and release it to the outside.

Comfort: Leather adapts to the foot and thus supports a good fit. It is particularly comfortable to wear and wonderfully soft.

Temperature Regulating: Leather only heats up very slowly and therefore remains pleasantly cool in summer. In winter, on the other hand, it warms up.

100% Climate Neutral: Not only our products are 100% climate neutral, but also our entire company. Fashion is our passion and is fun for us - it should be for everyone involved.

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We are the world's most sustainable sneakers brand. We are thriving to become truly climate positive and have a positive impact on the environment by each shoe sold. Still, lifestyle, design and comfort are our core values.