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LUMES Eyewear Palmer Crystal (ECO)


Want to avoid sore eyes, headaches and eye strain when you are using digital screens? This is how LUMES are helping thousands of customers.
- Prevent eye strain - our AR-coating prevents 99.9% of glare from entering your eyes, reducing visual fatigue.
- Improve your focus - LUMES lenses filter the highest wavelengths (400-430nm) of blue light which can prevent screen-induced headaches.
- Sleep better - blue light can keep us awake, that’s why blocking it can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Product Details:
- Transparent blue light blocking lenses
- High-quality CR39 lenses that block up to 40% of blue light up to 430nm and 90% of blue light at 410nm
- Premium Anti-Glare lens coating
- Scratch-resistant lenses
- Biodegradable, plant-based acetate frames
- Premium case & cloth included
- Unisex frame
- Measurements: 49-19-145 (mm)

What is Bio Acetate?
Designed with sustainability in mind, the LUMES bio-acetate collection is made with recyclable and biodegradable materials. Unlike regular acetate which uses oil-based plasticisers, our bio-acetate is mixed with bio-based plasticisers made from renewable sources. By cutting out fossil fuels, the production of our bio-acetate frames emits 75% less CO2e than a regular pair. By March 2021, our goal is to make 100% of our collection from bio-acetate.

Plant-based frames: Our glasses are made from bio-acetate, a biodegradable and recyclable material made from cotton fibre and wood pulp. Bio-acetate is hypoallergenic and lightweight. And an 100% eco-friendly alternative to polycarbonate plastic frames such as TR-90 (which don’t decompose and stick around for thousands of years).

Advanced blue light technology: Our blue light filtering technology is embedded into our lenses, filtering the most harmful blue light frequencies without distorting color. Our transparent CR-39 lenses block 90% of blue light at 400nm and 40% at 430nm.

Double protection: The most effective screen glasses combine blue light blocking lenses with an anti-reflective coating. Our Anti-Glare coating reduces the buildup of reflections on the front surface of the lens and prevents 99.9% of headache-inducing glare from entering your eyes.

Featherweight champion: Our frames weigh in at around 25 grams, so comfortable you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them. But they can still take a punch. With reinforced spring hinges, LUMES frames are designed to withstand the knocks and bumps of everyday use.

Planet-friendly packaging: Our packaging is made from 90% recycled cardboard and free from any single-use plastics. All frames come with a stylish and compact vegan leather case, made from water-based PU - a non-toxic, eco-friendly material that will last you a lifetime.

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About LUMES Eyewear

LUMES Eyewear is an Amsterdam-based fashion brand, specialising in eco-friendly yet affordable blue light blocking glasses made from bio-acetate. We’re on a mission to help people work more productively and comfortably when they use screens, and live healthier lives off-screen. To achieve this, we are creating sustainable eyewear that has a minimal impact on the environment.