[IM]perfectionists The Minimalist Sweatshirt


The design is inspired by Scandinavian minimalism offering a hygge feeling with the 100% natural materials. The genderless sweatshirt is designed with the aim of creating a comfortable, timeless and durable design that can be used for years to come.

The minimalist sweatshirt has a classic round next, and an IMperfectionists logo down the arm as well as on the left chest. Both logos are embroidered onto the sweatshirt with 100% cotton yarn and won't fade in the wash. 100% Natural Fibres. The sweatshirt's size is true to general EU unisex sizes.

Textile: Organic hemp-based french terry.
- 55% orgaic hemp og 45% GOTS certified cotton.
- All stiching and embroderies are done using a 100% cotton yarn.
- The label is made from 100% cotton, and the information is printed onto the label using Oeko-tex certified dye.
- The sweatshirt is made from natural organic textile.

- Wash cold.
- Don't tumbledry.
- Iron on low heat.
- Don't wash together with dark or colourful clothes.

Production: The sweatshirt is responsibly produced in Turkey.

About [IM]perfectionists

Olina and Dilayla met in 2018, while studying in England. They quickly bonded over their many shared interests – most noticeably the climate and fashion – and in a matter of months, their views and passions melted together to create the idea of IMperfectionists. IMperfectionists later launched with two hemp-based sweatshirts in the spring of 2021. Dilayla and Olina aim to re-think conventional fashion, by creating 'slow' responsibly produced natural clothes, that can be worn by everyone without limitation of body shapes or gender. IMperfectionists is a Copenhagen based responsible and universal lifestyle brand. As a brand we are constantly reinventing ourselves to accommodate new discoveries and knowledge, enabling us to offer the highest quality sustainable products possible. Throw-away culture and overconsumption are both toxic parts of the fashion industry. From textile choices to production methods, durability/longevity is a focal point in all our designs. We only source the best quality durable fabrics to ensure we make clothes that last. Instead of printing, we embroider everything onto our sweatshirts to prevent artwork and logos from fading away when you wear and wash the items. All the embroidery is created using 100% cotton yarn, instead of the more commonly used synthetic fibres. We are proud to say that our textile does significantly less damage to the environment than conventional synthetic textiles. By using natural fibres with low emission rates, we aim to