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Simplifying things in life helps you make more meaningful choices - taking care of yourself, each other and our planet. It’s about choosing less but better.

Päivi Paltola, Founder of Circulove

  • Giving Back Giving Back
  • CO2 Neutral CO₂ Neutral
  • Eco-friendly/Organic Eco-friendly/Organic
  • Recycled/Upcycled Recycled/Upcycled
  • Fair Trade Fair Trade
  • Made in Europe Made in Europe
  • Animal-Friendly Animal-Friendly
  • Zero Waste Zero Waste
Circulove blends natural beauty with social responsibility, inclusion, and circular design for a sustainable yet joyful lifestyle, whether it’s about relaxing face yoga treatment at home or all-inclusive easiness on the go. Experience the irresistible efficacy of our 100% clean & vegan skincare of pure Nordic origin. Circulove provides you all-natural, bio-fermented skincare products of premium quality - the daily essentials to fundamentally rejuvenate your skin from the inside out. Circulove is all for a bold purpose, full transparency and no compromises in quality. Join our mission to create change and take a step that matters - choose less but better.
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