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RÜBBELBERG - this is homemade egg liqueur. Only that you no longer have to make it yourself, but can buy it. RÜBBELBERG was founded in the summer of 2017 by Christopher, Philipp and Sebastian. They help egg liqueur back to the fame and glory it has always deserved. They are also revolutionizing the way liqueurs are produced: they take great care to use only ingredients that are sustainable, fair and appropriate to the species.
All 100% organic. They are going a new way with this. Following the classic recipe of the legendary liqueur, RÜBBELBERG is taking a new approach and refining the recipe with genuine organic bourbon vanilla. The ingredients are consciously selected according to criteria of sustainability and quality. From the organic eggs from a farm in Schleswig-Holstein to the noble organic Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. Enjoy the taste of it!
"Eggnog has never been so good."
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