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Unlike France, Italy or England, Germany has only a few perfume houses with a long tradition. In the luxury sector, J.F. Schwarzlose is Germany's only historic perfume house that is still active today. As a supplier to the royal and imperial courts, the brand is renowned for creating iconic fragrances such as 1A-33, Trance, Rosa Centifolia, Treffpunkt 8 Uhr (Rendezvous at 8 o'clock) and many more.
Schwarzlose created the 'must have' scents during Berlins ‚golden’ roaring 1920s, being one of the first perfume campaigns featuring a celebrity (starring movie star Edmonde Guy). Today the brand views its rich tradition as a commitment to create unique products with substance - relevant, authentic concepts and original, innovative scents. Everything is developed and made by hand close to the historical Schwarzlose location in Berlin Moabit.
"We aim to create fragrances that function like a mirror for modern Berlin."
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