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Hanfgeflüster was founded in 2019 by Niklas and Moritz on the basis of high quality and the claim to sustainability.
Niklas already dealt with the therapeutic applications of the hemp plant at the company Bionorica in 2014. During his studies, Niklas repeatedly struggled with migraines during exam periods. During a stay abroad in the USA, he was able to test the effect of widespread CBD products on his chronic migraines for the first time. Moritz also recognized the positive effects: Thanks to CBD he was able to sleep through the night again. Moritz and Niklas were so disappointed by the low prevalence in Germany that they decided to produce high-quality CBD products themselves. All Hanfgeflüster CBD products are made in Berlin.
"We destigmatize and bring the health-promoting and relaxing properties of the hemp plant into everyday life in DACH."
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