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After Ekaterina travelled to Burning Man and came back fuelled by the feelings of solidarity, independent and free spirit, she was keen to start a movement. With EKAT she founded a brand that is based on fun, colourful prints and her muse; an empowered, freethinking person that is confident and ambitious.
Her muse, as is EKAT, is not lead by trends but her intuition. The Katsuit is a perfect fusion of the EKAT values and can be worn to any occasion. From a music festival to the beach, from yoga to strolling the city, the Katsuit will make you look fabulous and feel comfortable. EKAT's Katsuits are made in Portugal from 100% recycled fabrics, as is the brand's packaging with sustainability being their number one priority. With a UV50 protection, the Katsuit’s fabric will even protect you from the dangerous rays of sun, so you can make the most of your day!
"Fuelled by solidarity, art independent and free spirit I wanted to start a movement with fun, colourful prints."
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