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As a former competitive athlete, BRAINEFFECT founder Fabian Foelsch began to deal with the topics of sleep, self- optimization and biohacking very early. BRAINEFFECT is convinced that the mental condition is the key to achieving your goals. Many of our successful moments, such as the decisive move in climbing or project presentation, are closely related to concentration and mental strength. That is why it is their mission to make innovative approaches from top-class sport now also available for office athletes and everyday heroes while supporting them in achieving their goals
From this, BRAINEFFECT derived its “Eat. Perform. Sleep.” formula. In close cooperation with athletes, doctors and nutritionists, the brand has developed study-based formulations that can raise mental performance to a new level. BRAINEFFECT’s mission is to help you achieve your goals, concentrate better in stressful situations and optimize your mental recovery.
"Success begins in the head, whether it is at sport or at work."
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