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Wonda Swim Sports Pants New York


Slim-Fit High-Waist Sports Pants (short) with maximal comfort.

The High-rise waistband assures great shape support and a perfect hold when exercising. NEW YORK is HIT approved due to extra rapid drying and smell neutralizing technologies. The triangle shape in the crotch allows challenging mobility workouts. Super stretchy fabric and soft texture guarantee maximal comfort. It's clean design makes NEW YORK suitable for leisure time as well.

NEW YORK is 100% produced in Europe and made from a renewable source - the castor bean oil. It has no impact on any human or animal food chain and disposes of an extrem energy- and water-efficient fabric production. The material obtained is called "Br4®" fabric.

About Wonda Swim

WONDA is an environmentally conscious swimwear brand aiming to provide a solution for every body shape. The brand understands that no two bodies are alike and that style and taste differ. That’s why they give you the opportunity to choose your individually preferred combination of top and bottom in regards to style and size.