VANDLEZ Home Scent - Sandalwood & Pepper


Sandalwood & Pepper Home Scent: A fresh, botanical base surrounded by bold woody aromas and a gentle note of black pepper.

The Sandalwood & Pepper Home Scent creates the perfect environment for balance and creativity with its invigorating scent. For a comprehensive fragrance experience, you can complement the Sandalwood & Pepper Home Scent with the right vandle and the right diffuser!

Your sustainable room fragrance is vegan, animal-free, PETA-approved and delivered to you in a CO2-neutral manner.

- The intensity of the scent is determined by the number of sprays.
- Do not spray the Home Scent on the body.
- Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Be creative and environmentally conscious! Thoroughly clean empty Home Scent bottles and continue to use them - e.g. as a water atomizer for plants or with a suitable pump attachment for shampoos or liquid soaps!

Product Details:
- Vegan
- Not tested on animals
- PETA approved
- Made from 80-85% recycled glass
- 100% recyclable or reusable
- Made in Austria
- Content 250ml
- Fresh, botanical, tart

Home Scent - care tips: We have given our room sprays the name "Home Scents" for a specific reason. The VANDLEZ fragrances are there to transform your home into a place where you feel comfortable.

Whether you get up tomorrow or come home in the evening: VANDLEZ Home Scents are there for you and those around you. Therefore, our products are not just liquids that you spray rooms with - Home Scents give your home character, give places a certain mood, make you feel good.

For most people it is natural and normal to apply perfume - but not only you yourself, your home deserves a special scent too!

We want to give you a few tips that will help you enjoy your Home Scent for a long time:

Surfaces: Spray your Home Scent in the air or on non-sensitive surfaces. On the sofa, on curtains or on the bed, the scent works particularly well and lasts a long time! The intensity of the scent is determined by the number of sprays.

The Perfect: Spot Keep your Home Scent out of direct sunlight and away from excessive heat or cold.

Additional Tips: Avoid skin contact with the spray contents. Keep Home Scent away from children and pets. Be creative and eco-conscious - clean empty Home Scent bottles thoroughly and keep using them!

Ingredients: Alcohol, water, fragrance oil, reusable glass bottle with a high-quality spray head.

Safety and allergens can be found here.

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VANDLEZ stands for sustainable, vegan and PETA-approved home & living products. It all started when Marys great uncle gifted her a bottle of wine before he passed. Instead of throwing it away, they cut in in half and created the first candle. The passion was born and 4 months later, they officially founded VANDLEZ & quit their fulltime jobs. Brand values: 🌿Impact driven 🌿Transparant productions in Germany, Italy and Austria 🌿Sustainable & natural formulations developed by us 🌿 Neutral supply chain, we plant a tree for every order 🌿100% ReUsable & recyclable products 🌿Sustainable & biodegradable packagings 🌿Genderless & ageless products