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Asmi Ayurveda Tulā Towel


The Tulā towel, the perfect towel to gently wipe your face or be a beautiful companion in your modern kitchen.

Sustainably grown French and Belgian linen is made into towels in a centuries-old weaving mill in Sweden.

The towels are GOTS certified, which guarantees the highest standards of sustainability and traceability.

- 100% linen from France and Belgium
- Made in Swede
- GOTS certified
- 50 X 75 cm

Why did we choose linen instead of cotton?

Production: In terms of production, linen is much more sustainable than cotton. The flax plant requires significantly less water for production than the same amount of cotton. With flax, natural rainfall is sufficient for plant growth and no additional irrigation is required.

Flax is very undemanding and thrives in poor soils, whereas cotton requires large areas of good soil. In addition, flax cultivation uses 5 times less (or no) pesticides and fertilizers than cotton cultivation because flax is not as susceptible. Unlike flax, cotton is grown in distant locations, which requires transportation and associated emissions.
Linen is processed mechanically and no chemicals are needed, whereas conventional cotton uses many chemicals.
So in terms of both emissions and chemical use, linen is far better than cotton.

Features: Linen is much more durable and strong than cotton, as the flax fibre itself is extremely tear-resistant. consequently, products made of linen have a long life. Cotton products wear out over the years and lose their shape after several washes. On the other hand, linen products become more beautiful with every wash.

Unlike cotton, linen is antibacterial and stain-resistant. Thanks to its bacteriostatic and water-binding properties, linen releases very little moisture and prevents the development of bacteria, so it is naturally germicidal and hygienic. The material even neutralises odours. In addition, linen is hypoallergenic and therefore ideal for allergy sufferers and sensitive skin.

Linen is also more breathable than cotton and has a very high water absorption capacity. A linen fabric can absorb up to 35% moisture and exchange it very quickly with the environment. This makes it the perfect material for a towel.

Buying linen products is definitely more expensive than buying cotton products, and that's the way it has to be. This is due to the fact that linen is much more complex to process, because all the processes and steps are mechanical and therefore time-consuming and costly.

But for the extra price, you get a sustainable product that lasts much longer and is more usable in everyday life.

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