Sold By: Souleway

Souleway Mouth and Nose Masks


Our 100% cotton masks are made by hand in a fair way in Hamburg. The sustainable and high-quality materials ensure a high level of comfort and are well tolerated by your skin even after long periods of wear. The mask is reusable and helps to reduce the risk of infection.

Souleway attaches great importance to design and comfort in all products. Our years of experience in the manufacture of sustainable products with the use of high-quality textiles now enable us to design a stylish but comfortable mouthguard. Despite the two layers, our mask does not make breathing difficult. The organic cotton ensures a high level of comfort and feels pleasant on the skin even after long periods of wear.

The Souleway masks are only made for private use. The mask should be washed before first use. When wearing it, it is important that the mouth and nose are completely covered by the mask. As soon as your mask gets wet, you should change it, as the “barrier function” against the coronavirus decreases due to the wetness.

Souleway masks are very easy to care for. So that all germs are eliminated, the mask should be washed at 60 degrees. It is best to wash your mask daily and then air dry it. We recommend a selection of clean masks so that you can change them daily or even several times a day.

About Souleway

Timeless design, sustainable production and the possibility to individualize products are important to both of them and thus also distinguish Souleway.