Silvia Giovanardi Organic Linen and Organic Cotton Natural Dyed and Embroidered Bomber Jacket


Bomber jacket made of a natural dyed linen and organic cotton fabric with a japanese edo embroidery on it. it has an high collar, a zipper and two side pockets on the front.

Style Details: 
Materials: Organic Cotton 25%, Organic Linen 75%, Indigo Dyed.
Lining: Organic Silk 70%, Hemp 30%, Haematin Dyed.
Craftmanship: Embroidery.
Accessories: Raw Zipper.

Dry Clean. Made in Italy.

Sustainability: GOTS certified fibers. Natural dye.

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About Silvia Giovanardi

After academic studies in Classic Literature and Fashion Design, I managed the Etro men's artistic office for almost 6 years, then I started putting my art in the service of sustainability, and now I’m teaching at University ‘Art Therapy for the intimate self discovery’, applying the Anthroposophical method studied in Sekem - Cairo, Egypt. I am the founder of my brand SILVIA GIOVANARDI by which I express with an artistic flair the essence of my multi-sensory clothes, through a visual, tactile, olfactory and emotional approach. ‘Courage is the tool, Love is the mantra, Truth is the way.’ ‘When someone asks me what I do in life I answer: "I love." Love drives me to create wearable art, because I would love everyone to be embraced, welcomed and loved by the generous mother earth that in sync with my little help, can become an amulet and a mantle of well-being. My clothes are edible like flowers in the salad. Yes, because I create them with food waste fibers and natural-organic ones, dyeing them with natural plants that give the dermis benefits and scents, taking care of the organism. This allows my pieces to be buried one day without polluting but only returning to the soil new humus, new life. My artworks collection, made of sculptural clothes, paintings and photographs, is the expression of my adventures as a world explorer and enthusiast of peace and beauty. It’s an invitation to enter in these clothes as into one's intimate space, to be celebrated as a sacred temple.