Sold By: Si Beau

Si Beau The Lovelace Jazer (Jacket-Blazer)

This incarnation of informal formal style sets new standards for your work-life balance:

Highly flexible, smart and fully focused when needed. The collar - a homage to the renowned trench coat - provides you with the smart business sharpness.

The shorter box jacket cut and relaxed fit refreshes any office stiffness with an easy-going breeze. No matter if worn with your power dress or your favorite pair of pants, you can be sure that this Jazer will become your business casual evergreen!

We highly recommend to wear it with The Ada Pants!

The fabric is machine-washable, but we for longest and optimal shape of the blazer we recommend dry-cleaning.

Highly stretchy Viscose-Mix. Lining: 100% natural Viscose (partly lined). Outer fabric: Viscose 25%, Polyester 70%, Elastane 5%.

Relaxed boxy fit with a lot of room to move. Wide reverse like a trench coat and 2 buttons in center front.

About Si Beau

Si Beau started to make elegant but professional work clothes that you don’t have to think about twice. Instead of focusing on a schism between looking too much like a “man” and too effeminate, between too powerful and too approachable, or between too stuffy and too slutty, you can now focus on your work.