Sold By: Si Beau

Si Beau The De Beauvoir Blazer


The classic tailored blazer subtly elevated by modern twists.

This piece is your timeless no-brainer option for any business-formal settings, while also your loyal travel companion.

Slightly stronger shoulder pads emphasize your confident posture, while the fitted waist trimmed with a dart on each side highlights your elegant silhouette. The finishing is inspired by traditional menswear suiting, crafted with  sleeve head rolls and horsehair facing.

With its ultra-stretchy cotton gabardine fabric, it will help you relax on the plane or spaceship alike. And due to its anti-wrinkle feature, you can smile worry-free on your first shot on the moon!

The fabric is machine-washable, but for longest and optimal shape of the blazer we recommend dry-cleaning (and no tumble-drying).

Highly stretchy Cotton with a Gabardine structure Outer fabric: 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane Lining: 100% natural Viscose

This Blazer has a tailored fit true to your size. It closes with 1 Button at the front and lets you move due to a vent in the back. + Back lining movement - It features 4 buttons on each cuff and the fully lined viscose makes it easy to slide over your arms.

About Si Beau

Si Beau started to make elegant but professional work clothes that you don’t have to think about twice. Instead of focusing on a schism between looking too much like a “man” and too effeminate, between too powerful and too approachable, or between too stuffy and too slutty, you can now focus on your work.