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Ses Talaioles TALVIN White


The Talvin Collection are our entry level wines that have been produced with the same care and passion as our classic line. It has been vinificated exclusively from our own grapes. The magical Ses Talaioles, the history of its ancient tower, its never-ending light, the atmosphere of traditional rural living that still exists here, the passion of our young winemaker and the sense of family on the estate – these are the elements that subsists the spirit of this paradise.

Colour: Light straw with pale golden hue.
Aroma: Fruity aromas of nashi pears and honey dew melon rise from the glass, with hints of lime zest and honey suckle flowers.
Taste: Delicate and refreshing, with notes of citrusy, brioche and caramel.

Drink responsibly!!

Drink responsibly!

Grape Varieties: Merlot, Callet Vintage: 2019 Alcohol: 12,5% | contains Sulfite


About Ses Talaioles

Finca Ses Talaioles is located in the foothills of the Llevant mountain in eastern Mallorca, Spain. Thanks to a unique terroir, the focus is simple: Producing outstanding premium red wines! Discovered by chance in the year 2000 by the Dutch-German de Waal family, this sleeping beauty was kissed into life and soon began to reveal its enormous potential.