PETER & PORTER Downtown Black Suede


One of the best selling originals is a straight-cap oxford. An understated English classic. Made especially stylish and versatile in black suede.

Size Guide: Our shoes only come in full sizes and run true to size with standard fit. Choose the size you normally wear in dress shoes. If you are in between sizes, we recommend sizing down. Example: If you are EU 42.5 we recommend EU 42. All shoes are based on the same last and have the same fit.

Compared to your sneaker size, we recommend sizing down 1/2 size.

Sneaker Size: If you only have sneakers at home, you likely won’t wear the same size in dress shoes. Go for a half to one size smaller. For instance: if you wear Nike in 43, your Peter & Porter size is 42. Having said that, if the size isn’t right, we offer free and easy returns within the European Union.

General: Ideally we'd look for a fit that is supportive but never cramped. Remember that whilst calfskin and suede will provide some natural stretch across the arch, there will be no give under the cap-toe where there should be no tightness.

 Care Guide

Leather requires regular treating with a good-quality wax polish to protect the leather and give a high shine finish. This will prolong the life of the uppers and maintain their appearance. The shoes should always be dry before application. Try to avoid using unsuitable liquid polish applicators as these can potentially damage the surface of high quality leathers and often creates a layer which is hard to remove.

Suede and Nubuck uppers can be treated using a suede protector spray. Using a rubber suede brush can help to lift any dirt and debris. Stubborn stains may necessitate treatment with a suede shampoo. Suede can be revived using steam from the kettle and gently cleaning with a rubber suede brush.


Using wooden shoe trees will help to absorb moisture and maintain the shape of the shoes as they dry out. Using a shoe horn prevents damage to the heels, counter and top line.

Leather soles can expand when wet so it is best to avoid very wet conditions when wearing your new shoes the first two or three outings. In the event that your leather soles do become sodden, ensure that you dry them out slowly and naturally, away from direct heat (e.g radiators). Leather shoes can often need a day to dry out mainly due to natural perspiration. Whenever possible alternate daily with other Peter & Porter shoes.

Item will be delivered in 3 - 5 business days. Shipping costs will vary depending on the destination. Rates will be calculated during the checkout.


How it all started Founded in London in 2013, Peter & Porter’s handmade shoes were created to fix the founders’ shared frustration: the lack of high quality, traditional shoes that didn’t break the bank. After looking into how the big players do it, we realised the problem isn't in the way the shoes are made, but how they are distributed. This is why we decided to cut out the middlemen – distributors, agents and retailers – and bring those classic styles straight to you from our artisans in Spain. Focus on quality Breaking up the traditional supply chain means we can spend our resources on the quality of the shoes. And this is what we love doing most. The quality of our shoe starts with the quality of its components and each pair is handmade in our workshop in southern Spain. Cut by hand we select the finest leather, suede and sole’s and hand-finish the skin upon the last. All shoes are Goodyear welted for optimal comfort and durability. Style Founded in 2013 in London, our shoes embody the timeless elegance of quintessentially English style. Our main focus is business attire with some more casual elements to support a casual Friday or your stylish weekend dinner.