Oblivious WHERE WILL I END UP TODAY? Upcycled Blazer


Upcycled Blazer with embroidery on the back 'WHERE WILL I END UP TODAY?'.

Upcycling: using something already made (in our case pre-owned blazers) and giving it a new life by reworking the item, helping it remain in circulation and not head to landfill.

Details: Fabric composition unknown, as this is an altered pre-owned garment. Our labels are 100% Organic Cotton. The embroidery is plastic-free, using 100% natural rayon viscose threads. Embroidery in White.

Fit: is meant to fit oversized. As we are sourcing Pre-owned Blazers for this product, we cannot give a guaranteed Size Guide, but we estimate our Sizes S, M and L by looking at the original size of the garment, measurements and fit. We will try our best to accommodate the Size you choose.

Size Guide:
S: Sizes EU 34-36 / UK: 6-8. Oversized on 34-36, more fitted on 38.
M: Sizes EU 38-40 / UK 10-12. Oversized on Sizes 38-40, more fitted on 42.
L: Sizes 40+ / UK 12+. Oversized on Sizes 40-42, more fitted on 44.

General info about our upcycled Blazers: As we are using Pre-Owned Blazers, each item is unique. We also use different questions, as well as different location for the embroidery on each Blazer. Our Label in affixed inside.

Introducing an alternate way to be more sustainable, upcycling these Blazers enables us to create unique pieces for you with a message, that are cool and kind to the planet.

Item will be delivered in 3 - 5 business days. Shipping costs will vary depending on the destination. Rates will be calculated during the checkout.


OBLIVIOUS? is a sustainable fashion brand highlighting the positive power of questions in our lives. We aim to inspire more curiosity and offer more responsible clothing that is fashion-forward, minimalist, comfortable, but also a statement. We produce in Europe and our products are made from a 100% GOTS certified organic cotton or are upcycled pre-owned garments. OBLIVIOUS? is run by a mother-daughter duo in Germany.