Sold By: Oakywood

Oakywood Wooden Monitor Stand - Walnut


Oakywood monitor stand is a premium product, handcrafted in solid  walnut or oak wood. Monitor stand allows to boost the work performance, by rising the device 3.6 inch (9 cm) to an ergonomic position at an eye level. This monitor stand will beautifully organise your home office!

Oakywood wooden monitor stand is a well thought desk accessory, designed to boost your comfort and provide you an ergonomic position at work. A minimalistic design, based on the three wooden pieces joined at the soft angle, makes the wooden stand for monitor stylish, elegant and universal. Handcrafted in solid walnut or oak wood, Oakywood wooden monitor stand is hand polish to attain a natural wood shine with its wonderful organic appeal.

About Oakywood

Oakywood entered the tech-industry with visual-pleasing but functional products. The Polish company continues with traditional wood craftsmanship and knowledge that is usually passed from generation to generation but gives it a modern twist by focusing on technical items. With modern and hand-crafted wood gadgets, Oakywood combines the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, the aesthetical and the functional.