Sold By: Oakywood

Oakywood Geometric Wooden Pen Holder - Walnut


Geometric wooden pencil holder is a unique item made of solid wood. Filled with an aluminum insert for the ultimate protection against ink stains and damage, Oakywood pen pot enables keeping your desk organised. Made of solid American walnut or oak wood.

Handcrafted by true enthusiasts of working with wood, the Oakywood wooden pen holder is a unique item inspired by geometric virtuosity. A classic and elegant wooden pen pot will change your desk! Each wooden pen holder has been finished with natural oils and waxes, which ensures a natural look of the toolbox and its pleasant to the touch surface.

About Oakywood

Oakywood entered the tech-industry with visual-pleasing but functional products. The Polish company continues with traditional wood craftsmanship and knowledge that is usually passed from generation to generation but gives it a modern twist by focusing on technical items. With modern and hand-crafted wood gadgets, Oakywood combines the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, the aesthetical and the functional.