Sold By: Oakywood

Oakywood Apple Watch Dock - Oak


Apple Watch Dock handcrafted in solid walnut or oak wood. Geometric in shape, hand-polished and covered with ecological oils. Apple Watch Dock will charge your device, structure, and organise your workspace. Display your Apple Watch - try our beautiful and effective dock.

Inspired by the geometric shapes and lines, handcrafted in solid walnut or oak wood, Apple Watch Dock is a unique wooden charger, which will decorate any desk or office. Stylish and effective, Apple Watch Charger Stand will perfectly display your device, and charge it at the same time! Hand-polished to attain a natural wood shine, Apple Watch Dock Charger has a wonderfully organic appeal, which cannot be resisted.

About Oakywood

Oakywood entered the tech-industry with visual-pleasing but functional products. The Polish company continues with traditional wood craftsmanship and knowledge that is usually passed from generation to generation but gives it a modern twist by focusing on technical items. With modern and hand-crafted wood gadgets, Oakywood combines the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, the aesthetical and the functional.