Sold By: NIKIN

NIKIN TreePlanting Kit Wild Pear Tree


With the TreePlanting Wild Pear Tree kit you can grow your own pear tree in 3 easy steps and harvest fresh pears in a few years.

A wild pear tree can reach a height of up to 20 metres and bears a splendour of white flowers and sweet fruits in summer, which help against headaches and with colds.

The TreePlanting kit is handmade and contains only natural materials that provide intelligent heat, air and moisture regulation for healthy and successfulsowing.

Once the seed has germinated and grown into a seedling, you can easily plant your plant in a pot or directly in the ground. The organic hemp pot will compost by itself in about 12-24 months, leaving no residue in the soil.

This product cannot be exchanged or returned. Thank you for your understanding.

Material: Organic hemp fibre pot, Terra Preta soil, forest seeds

Care Instructions:
- 1. Seed into the soil (see instructions)
- 2. Suitable place with plenty of daylight (without direct sunlight)
- Water regularly: keep the soil moist until the seeds germinate.

Country of Manufacture: Mother Nature (Germany)