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myfelt Felt Carpet Mia - Angular


Mia enchants with a timeless pastel light blue. Even in small sizes - be it as a structurally strong felt ball rug or a flat felt rug - Mia sets a gentle accent in every living room. The young and life-conscious color is impressive - it can be combined with furniture and accessories in no time at all. Living with Mia is easy and casual, as it offers a wide range of options for designing living spaces. Whether in harmony with other pastel shades or as a separate splash of color: Mia always shows herself from her best side. Fresh, happy and natural. The two carpet variants are available in any desired size and in round and square shapes.

Due to the environmentally friendly dyeing method, myfelt felt ball rugs and other products may only be dry-cleaned. Water-based as well as dry cleaning can lead to color changes. Do not use a brush to vacuum the carpets.

Material: New Zealand virgin wool Pure natural product 5 year guarantee GoodWeave certified

Height: 1 cm Size: 50 × 70 cm - Weight: 800 g Size: 70 × 100 cm - Weight: 1.5 kg Size: 90 × 130 cm - Weight: 2.5 kg Size: 120 × 170 cm - Weight: 4 kg Size: 140 × 200 cm - Weight: 6 kg Size: 160 × 230 cm - Weight: 7 kg Size: 180 × 260 cm - Weight: 10 kg Size: 200 × 300 cm - Weight: 13 kg

About myfelt

myfelt has taken on the task of designing exceptional felt-ball rugs. The brand’s passion for the felt, quality and design is what motivates them to continue. At the same time they realize that the company is a social project to preserve this handicraft tradition that has existed for centuries. With a modern and sustainable production chain, myfelt wants to maintain fair wages and fair working conditions for their Nepalese colleagues at the factory.