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myfelt Felt Ball Rug Néla - Angular


Not only the undyed new wool gives Néla the classic and timeless look. A keyboard made of warm stone and earth colors creates a natural charm that creates exciting contrasts in your living room. The interplay of light and dark gray tones with restrained brown tones results in Néla's balanced, curated color composition. Without a doubt, Néla scores with her gentle and at the same time focused disposition, which blends sublime into the living room. With its round and square shapes, Néla embodies a natural way of living and conveys the message: Life is beautiful.

Due to the environmentally friendly dyeing method, myfelt felt ball rugs and other products may only be dry-cleaned. Water-based as well as dry cleaning can lead to color changes. Do not use a brush to vacuum the carpets.

Material: New Zealand virgin wool Pure natural product 5 year guarantee GoodWeave certified

Height: 2 cm Size: 50 × 70 cm - Weight: 2 kg Size: 70 × 100 cm - Weight: 4 kg Size: 90 × 130 cm - Weight: 6 kg Size: 120 × 170 cm - Weight: 12 kg Size: 140 × 200 cm - Weight: 14 kg Size: 160 × 230 cm - Weight: 23 kg Size: 180 × 260 cm - Weight: 27 kg Size: 200 × 300 cm - Weight: 30 kg

About myfelt

myfelt has taken on the task of designing exceptional felt-ball rugs. The brand’s passion for the felt, quality and design is what motivates them to continue. At the same time they realize that the company is a social project to preserve this handicraft tradition that has existed for centuries. With a modern and sustainable production chain, myfelt wants to maintain fair wages and fair working conditions for their Nepalese colleagues at the factory.