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myfelt Felt Ball Rug Lea - Angular


Felt ball rug Lea impresses with its hugging radiance. Their strong salmon-colored tone not only flatters the apartment. Furniture and interiors also get a special touch thanks to the sunny, warm and unobtrusive glowing color. In a charming way, Lea creates a modern, elegant living atmosphere that captivates every viewer. Whether round or square, as a raised felt ball carpet or pure felt carpet, Lea ensures noble comfort and joie de vivre. In the blink of an eye, she manages to fit into existing living concepts in order to create a perfect place of beauty.

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About myfelt

myfelt has taken on the task of designing exceptional felt-ball rugs. The brand’s passion for the felt, quality and design is what motivates them to continue. At the same time they realize that the company is a social project to preserve this handicraft tradition that has existed for centuries. With a modern and sustainable production chain, myfelt wants to maintain fair wages and fair working conditions for their Nepalese colleagues at the factory.