MONTREET THE RUNNER * Jacket - Artist Edition - Boicut Print


Motto of your life: "RUN FORREST, RUN!" We feel you and because we know what running is all about, you get our sustainable sports jacket -> MONTREET*The Runner.

In our shop you can get unique designer fashion from Austria. When running, several factors are important and we are aware of that! That's why we have designed and cut our sustainable sports jacket for runners so that you can enjoy your favourite sport at any time of the year or day. Furthermore, our jackets are water and wind resistant, but also light and loose, so you never get too hot. For the cold months we have designed a mouthguard to protect your face against cold air. In any case, our jackets are sustainable because of the recycled materials we use for our clothing. After all, Fashion & Fashion is combined with environmental awareness at MONTREET. That's why all our sports jackets are now available in our online fashion shop!
ARTIST EDITION: If you choose the ARTIST - EDITION, your jacket is unique. By cutting the print, the pattern can be different on every jacket.


MONTREET stands for sustainability, circularity & uniqueness! And this name is unique in any case, because it has accompanied the founder Nadine since her school days and was one of the reasons why she chose the fashion industry and specialized in sportswear.