No wall is too steep for you, no mountain too high? Preferably everything together and upside down! WE have your new sustainable sports jacket for climbers. Welcome to the world of MONTREET!

In our shop you can get the sustainable sports jacket for climbers, designed and printed in Austria. We combine the idea of sustainability in our sportswear and therefore make fashion ecological.
In doing so, we not only consider the requirements of the sport but also the style factor. After all, we work together with local designers and artists. Our climbing jacket has some features that are indispensable for this outdoor sport. On the one hand we have provided adequate ventilation and on the other hand we have attached tools to attach the chalk bag. So you can easily take everything with you when you do sports and look fancy at the same time. Our sustainable sportswear ensures that you are optimally supported in all situations and that you lack for nothing.


MONTREET stands for sustainability, circularity & uniqueness! And this name is unique in any case, because it has accompanied the founder Nadine since her school days and was one of the reasons why she chose the fashion industry and specialized in sportswear.