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Detoxifying & Gentle Exfoliation. This gentle exfoliator, from carefully selected, dried and ground premium quality olive seeds, will exfoliate your skin tenderly while keeping it soft, smooth and velvety. Best for normal, dry, mature and sensitive skin.

Organic thyme is filled with beneficial vitamins and minerals that keep skin replenished from within. Joined together with rich hydrating agents will moisturize your skin and reinstate its natural balance.

Tenderly exfoliates due to its olive stone granules that provide a low to medium abrasion
Hydrates and nourishes
Leaves skin soft and smooth
With lavender essential oil that reinstates skin tone, diminishes skin spots and fights nervousness and emotional strain

About MontOlympe

MontOlympe we developed a comprehensive line of cosmetics that is in complete harmony with its origins – with natural ingredients, without toxic substances, vegan and environmentally friendly. Highly effective care that you can trust with a good conscience for your own body and the environment.