MONACO DUCKS Sneaker MOD.3 Vegan - White Red


Our purely vegan sneaker is innovatively made from the leftovers from the wine making process. In addition, the high-quality, timeless design fully contributes to our understanding of slow fashion. This is what we call sustainable good taste.

Good taste is no longer enough today. A good conscience has to be added. No problem, our completely vegan sneaker combines both without compromise. It is made from a leather alternative based on remnants of Italian wine production. The red heel reminds the real connoisseur of this.

    - Upper material: Vegea®, the plant-based leather alternative made from grape marc, combined with water-based polyurethane - coated on organic cotton
    - Solvent-free, animal-friendly
    - Heel part made of Evida, according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 - also fully vegan.
    - The inner lining consists of a newly developed microfiber based on corn, which is 100% breathable and can absorb a lot of moisture - heat regulating and maximally comfortable + 100% recyclable
    - PETA / Vegan Approved sole made from recycled rubber with no harmful ingredients for people or the environment
    - Vegan footbed made from 100% natural cork and other recycled, reusable materials with high cushioning.
    - Handcrafted in Portugal

    Material: Leather that isn't. This is a good way to describe the vegan leather alternative Vegea®. Because it not only looks like it, it also feels really similar. This innovative "leather" is made from leftovers from Italian wine production - from pomace, peel, pulp, seeds and stems. It is combined with a water-based polyurethane (PUD) to form an eco-composite material and coated on organic cotton.

    This not only gives the Italian grapes a well-placed task, but also creates a material that consists of 70% renewable and recycled raw materials. Aside from the fact that this vegan leather is really comfortable, it also looks stunning. That is exactly what sustainability can be.

    Shoe Care: If you want to keep your ducks for a long time, you should take good care of them. Our vegan sneaker is robust and durable. The best way to remove coarse dirt is with a soft brush and then wipe it lightly with a damp cloth.

    Stubborn stains can also be tackled with gall soap. To do this, mix water and soap, pour the soap solution onto a cloth and in circles on the stain. Now wipe it with a damp cloth and let it dry.

    Speaking of drying: please never let shoes dry in direct sunlight - they shouldn't fade. And please never on the radiator, they are just too cool for that. No, seriously, the material really suffers from that.

    100 % Vegan: The animal-friendly leather alternative consists of 70% renewable, recycled raw materials. The “leather” is made, among other things, from leftovers from wine production - a strong additional benefit.

    Moisture Regulating: The inner lining Onsteam® is 100% breathable with an extremely high absorption capacity. So moisture is absorbed, the foot always stays dry. In addition, it is heat-regulating and comfortable.

    Durable: Plant-based and robust. The vegan eco composite material can withstand a lot. It can be easily brushed off and wiped off with a damp cloth.

    Climate Neutral: With us, not only are our products 100% climate neutral, but our entire company. After all, fashion and design should be fun - for everyone involved, of course.

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    We are the world's most sustainable sneakers brand. We are thriving to become truly climate positive and have a positive impact on the environment by each shoe sold. Still, lifestyle, design and comfort are our core values.