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Marie Janine Hemp Plantation Kit "The Blondie"


This beautiful kit offers everything you need to discover hemp at home. What is hemp? It is the cannabis plant but without THC (guaranteed less than 0.2%).The kit contains a screen-printed and colored pot. A soil substitute and a notice. The good idea of the brand? Once your plant is repotted, keep the pot as a coffee mug. It is your responsibility to know if it is legal in your country to grow a hemp plant. Keep the certificate provided in the kit guaranteeing the origin of the seed. Kit with aesthetic purpose and not of culture. Variety of the seed: dioica 88 (approved in the European catalog).

Product Features:
- Weight: 200gr
- Kit Size: 9x9x9cm

Care Instructions: Ideal germination period: Spring. Hemp is a sunny plant requiring a good exposure (indoor or outdoor). Once germinated, water only when the soil is dry.

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About Marie Janine

Marie Janine is the desire to deconstruct the prejudices around the cannabis plant by a range of products accessible to all. Cannabis is not only THC, it is a wonderful ecological and well being plant