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Mantidy Herringbone Zip Around Toiletry Wash Bag, Bordeaux Red


Mantidy® Herringbone Handmade/ handwoven gentleman's travel leather toiletry bag with compartments to organise all bathroom grooming essentials and toiletries.

Optional Accessories (Manicure Set): Complete this toiletry bag with optional manicure set produced in a combination of silver, gunmetal and brass designs. All stylishly curated and held inside an elasticated band:
Large nail clipper.
Pen-knife (very sharp, please be careful).
Small curved nail scissors.
Nail cleaner and file.
- Pair of tweezers.
- Small nail clipper.

Extended 24 months warranty for the bag and accessories.

Men's travel toiletry/bath wash bag with zip around top for easier access. Horizontal elastic holder for Mantidy® manicure set (optional); Clear inner zip plastic bag for liquids/bottles and easy airport security scan; External pocket. Exterior: premium full-grain cowhide nappa leather, vegetable tanned and High-quality, fine and durable water-resistant 100% cotton fabric. Optional Mantidy® grooming (manicure) set. All our herringbone products are ethically produced.

L9" (24cm) x W7" (18cm) x H3.5" (9cm) Weight: 400g Weight with packaging: 500g

About Mantidy

With the Mantidy gaucho rolls in your life, you will be able to own the skill section in your CV and become the most organised version of yourself. The gaucho rolls – whether tech or grooming – are organisers for whatever you need by your side at all times. They come as beautiful leather or cotton items and are either filled with your everyday essentials or as a blank canvas.