Love Rose Cosmetics Cleaning Routine


The cleaning routine in the Love Rose benefit set contains the Beauty Glow Cleanser in the 1st step and the Beauty Glow Tonic in the 2nd step. The original sizes, 200ml each, are perfect for daily facial cleansing in the morning and evening. The cleaning foam gently removes make-up and dirt that accumulates every day. The 2nd step, the facial toner, makes the skin glow. The moisturizing tonic cleanses pore-deep and is therefore a perfect transition for the subsequent care.

About Love Rose Cosmetics

Their products should be free from parabens, silicones, paraffin, palm fat, and microplastic. Additionally, the two founders take a stand against animal testing. They even opened their production facility in Germany. What started with the Love Rose, quickly became an internationally recognized natural beauty brand.