Lavani Jewels Portobello Bracelet

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Product Details:
- Color: Aquamarine, Green, Pink, Purple, Fuchsia, White, Blue.
- Stones: Amanzonite, Rose Quartz, Onyx, Moonstone, Amethyst, Chalcedony.
- Finish: 24 carat gold plating.

Collection: Discover the collection inspired by the Wanderlust spirit. The #lavanigirls are restless souls with an adventurous spirit. The new Wanderlust collection seeks to transport you to every corner of the world. Each jewel has its own inspiration and its own history. Get to know the Earrings of the Wanderlust collection.

Stones: Rose quartz is a variety of quartz. We can find it mainly in Brazil, and in Spain, in Galicia and Cáceres. It is the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. Quartz crystals eat with vitreous fracture, so it is important that it contains fractures to ensure its authenticity. Titanium oxide and manganese are mainly responsible for the pink tint.

Chalcedony is a cryptocrystalline variety of quartz. Of volcanic origin, with multiple varieties and colors. In ancient times it represented the elements air and water. It is the stone of generosity, harmonizes body and mind. It has deposits all over the planet, being the most important in Brazil and India; and in Spain, in Galicia and Aragon.

Onyx is a variety of quartz that can come in various colors. Black onyx was a very precious mineral used in ancient times: the Romans used it to make stamps, brooches and Earrings. It always has a characteristic luster.

Amethyst is a quartz of magmatic origin that has been known for thousands of years. It was already used to make jewelry in ancient Egypt, where it was known as the "gem of fire", with a market value equal to that of the diamond. Today, it is classified in the category of semi-precious stones.

Amazonite is a greenish turquoise semiprecious stone, which can contain white, yellow or grey traces, and can be translucent or opaque. Its energy is as powerful as the river that gives it its name.

The moonstone belongs to the group of silicates and is found in plutonic rocks. It is strongly linked with the Moon and intuition. In the interior of the stone there are fine layers of orthoclase and albite arranged one over the other, this provides its beautiful shine. The light falls on the thin layers that disperse it in a phenomenon known as adulearescencia.

Materials and Qualities: We design and make jewelry of the highest quality. All our pieces are handmade, with first quality materials, Plating of 2 to 3 microns of gold of long duration and natural stones.

We work every day to offer versatile, original and elegant design pieces, but above all, we want to offer jewellery with the best possible quality and durability.

Product Features:
- Patented Design
- Certified Gold-Plated
- Hypoallergenic
- Sustainable Production
- Piedras Naturales

A wide range of cultures coexist in Portobello Road. The atmosphere is cosmopolitan and energetic. An atmosphere with street art and multi-coloured buildings in a cheerful, colourful and lively atmosphere. We wanted to pay homage to those escapes that we sometimes make as members of the Lavani team to London and Cris has been able to capture that freshness, colour and vitality in the Earrings Portobello first, and now in the Portobello bracelet.

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Lavani Jewels is based in Valencia, Spain and creates unique designer jewellery for the modern woman. Cristina is the founder and Creative Director and she uses her innovative ideas to make the beautiful designs come to life. Lavani Jewels believe that the jewellery you wear should reflect your personality, style and history. This is why they create pieces designed to be worthy of the woman who wears them. The pieces offered by Lavani Jewels are contemporary creations, with care for the small details of the jewellery and a commitment to natural stones, high quality materials and authentic handcraft. Lavani Jewels combine style and spirit in their creations to portray femininity in all its complexities. The pieces are sculptural and unique but fundamentally timeless, so that it can remain your staple piece for a long time.